Press Release Format Guidelines

Below is a guideline as to press release format we accept on Please use the following guidelines to write your press release. If you donít use it, chances are your press release will be rejected.

Write Press Release in third person singular
Make sure all press releases are written in third person singular. Do not use "You," "Your," "We," "Us," "Our," "I," in a title or body of release -- unless when quoting someone.

Anatomy of press releases
This sections apply to each press release: title, subtitle, byline, body of press release, about company and Contact information.

Title -
Attribute press release title with company name. For example, here is a title attributed with company name: Douglas Lake Completes Airborne Survey on Its 800 km2 Handeni Property. The company name here is Douglas Lake.

Subtitle -
The subtitle is explanatory title; it should be about 150 characters. Do not repeat title in subtitle or summary field. Do not repeat it in body of release. Do not cut part of the body of release and paste as subtitle.

Byline -
Add city, state in byline. This starts at the beginning of the body of each press release. For example, Dallas, Texas -- The NEOM chart appears once again by trying to find a bottom. The MACD is showing a solid positive believes that big volume ....

Body -
The body of each press release should start with a byline as mentioned above. Each press release should be about 500 words.

If a press release is about a lawsuit, it must contain a docket number in the body of the release.

About Company:
This section tells readers about management, what each company does; the product or services it offers. Replace "Company" with company name. For example. "About GroupWeb Media LLC"

Contact Information -
Enter contact name, email address and phone number at the bottom of each press release.

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