Press Release Editing and Optimization

Let us optimize your press release for search engines and journalists. If you have written a press release and want a second eye from someone with expertise in press release writing, we have editors who will edit and refine your press release to meet written standards. They’ll also make sure that your press release is optimized for search engines and social media. This is what we consider when we edit and optimize your press release:

  1. Is your press release written in inverted pyramid style so that it grabs the attention of your reader?
  2. Does your press release have enough keyword density for optimal indexing in search engines?
  3. Does your release contain relevant hyperlinks or website links to enable your target audience click to your site for more information or place orders?

EmailWire’s editor will edit your press release so that journalists will want to read and publish it; online consumers or your target audiences are held captive and will want to contact you; finally we edit your press release so that search engines can easily index it for superior search results.

To contact us for more information on press release editing and optimization, call 281-645-4086.


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Watch your press release go live! Once EmailWire distributes your release, it will be streamed to popular news sites, blogs and social media and search engines. Within 24 hours, EmailWire will send you EmailWireClip™ -- a clipping report with at least 30 links of sites that have published your release.

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