Earn your Continuing Education at Home in Your Pajamas

Your license, job or a raise may depend on earning continuing education units (CEUs) but most people simply don't have the time for courses. Now you can earn those units with on line courses from home in your pajamas.
(EMAILWIRE.COM, May 16, 2009 ) Fort Lauderdale, FL - More education? Wait a minute! You've already earned your degree, and you're ready to get established in your new career and start having a social life again. The thought of going back to school even to earn an online degree makes you shudder. And then you find out that your employer or professional license has a continuing education requirement.

Before you panic at the thought of spending your vacation time traveling to seminars trying to get the necessary education hours, relax. You can meet all of these requirements through distance learning programs, without ever setting foot outside your home. Instead, keep your job and meet licensing requirements at home you don't even have to worry about what to wear.

When most people think of distance learning, they think of online degree programs such as Bachelor or Master's Degrees. These programs offer excellent opportunities to finish a college education and earn a degree. Many distance learning universities, though, also realize that sometimes people only need short-term courses for certification or continuing education units.

Some of these non-degree programs offer certificate studies programs, such as a tax preparer's certificate. Others offer special certifications to people who have already earned their degrees. Many others, though, are specially tailored to offer continuing education credits.

Continuing education credits usually offer a certain number of units, or contact hours. After studying the material, learners are usually required to complete a test. After passing the test, learners receive a certificate from the university or program offering the course. This certificate proves that the learner has successfully completed the required continuing education to earn the units or hours offered by the program.

Many employers offer at least partial repayment for the cost of continuing education, but education seminars can be expensive. When you count the travel cost, as well as meals and hotel stays, you may find that you save hundreds of dollars by choosing the distance learning option. Check with your organization to see if it supports distance learning continuing education the money you can save will be almost like getting a raise.

Be sure you know what your continuing education requirements are, and choose a traditional seminar or online non-degree program that meets these requirements. Sometimes, certain seminars or programs won't meet your needs. It's up to you to know what you need, so educate yourself before you start. Then sit back and enjoy the luxury of meeting your job requirements while you're sitting at home in your pajamas.

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