Women's Secret's, Men's Muscles Unveiled

Explore insights of a male gynecologist who has seen thousands of vaginas. Join him as he considers the differences between language, slang, nude, naked and nature and art. Find answers that will lead to a more harmonious relationship between the sexes.
(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 01, 2009 ) New York, NY - Do you know why men and women donít get along, for example a 50% divorce rate?
Learn from a medical university professor of obstetrics and gynecology the secrets of women and the abuses of the male and his muscles.

Each sex has their commodity, and they should be equalized.
What goes wrong? Lots, but it boils down to trust, respect and biology.

Possessiveness is a killer. Get rid of it. Your mate doesnít belong to you ever.

Itís a matter of choice and commitment.
Consider adopting a universal theology based on science and humility.

When life begins is a silly question. It started 300 million years ago.

You will learn, disagree, be alarmed, amused by this journey.
Most important it is a series of dialogues, not a monologue.

Harold Schulman MD is a medical schoolteacher and professor who served in four medical schools and supervised six hospital departments of obstetrics/ gynecology. His publications included the development of the Pap smear, the onset and course of labor, the use of prostaglandin in labor and menstruation, the value of amniocentesis in saving babies with Rh incompatibility, the use of fetal monitoring, abortion research and services, Doppler ultrasound and screening for ovarian and uterine cancer. He has lectured throughout the USA, Europe, Israel, Yugoslavia and Japan.
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