Press Release Editorial Guidelines

Please follow EmailWire press release format and submit a well written press release. Below are editorial guidelines that show the criteria we used to reject press releases. Please read and understand them:

  1. Press release is not well written and does not follow EmailWire’s press release format.
  2. Submission reads like an advertisement or a classified ad. A press release must have a news angle.
  3. Press release is not unique -- do not post same press release twice unless issuing a correction. If it is a correction, it must be stated thus. Changing words in a press release and saying the same thing does not make a press release unique.
  4. Duplicate title of a submission in subtitle or body of a press release.
  5. Submission contains ALL CAPS in the title or body.
  6. Title contains a question or include "How to".
  7. Submission reads like an article. Convert your article into to a press release format.
  8. Headline or body of the release is not newsworthy.
  9. There is no company attribute in title. State company name the press release is about in title.
  10. Submissions about "get reach quickly" scams, multilevel marketing, payday loans or smokeless cigarettes.
  11. Submission contains keyword spamming, for example sprinkling keywords within press releases that are not in proper prose.
  12. If submission has more than 5 stock ticker symbols.
  13. Submission reads like an advertisement or SPAM.
  14. Press release has words like FREE, "Make Money", "Don't miss this opportunity!", SALE!!!!
  15. Poor newsworthiness - The release does not have sufficient news value for distribution.
  16. Prohibited content - The release contains prohibited content such as adult or gambling content.
  17. Poor writing quality - The release is poorly written and/or does not make sense.
  18. Insufficient contact information - contact name (first and last name), telephone and/or email address is required.
  19. Contact information is written in lowercase.
  20. Content of press release is obscene, libelous, slanderous or otherwise defamatory, false or misleading or violates any copyright, right of privacy or publicity or other right of any person.
  21. Submission of legal nature or of a lawsuit and does not contain docket number.
  22. Any other reason not mentioned above at discretion of editor and publisher.


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