EmailWireClip Clipping Reports:

EmailWire press release distribution comes with EmailWireClip™ -- a report from our clipping service. With this report, you see where your press release is published in full text or linked on online news sites, blogs, databases, social media sites, newswires and search engines. This report contains up to 50 for $50. Some press release distribution plans come with clipping reports. See press release distribution plans to know which plan comes with a clipping report.

Reporting Stats

Each EmailWire account comes with a reporting interface in client´s newsroom. Here a client can see how many times a press release has been clicked on, printed or shared. This report is included in every press release at not extra cost.

News Delivery Methods: newswire services uses SEO, co-branding, sharing and bookmarking tools, RSS feeds, XML, NewsML, e-mail, FTP technology to distribute news releases to thousands of major newswires, vertical news sites, blogs and social networking news sites.

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Reports and Stats

Watch your press release go live! Once EmailWire distributes your release, it will be streamed to popular news sites, blogs and social media and search engines. Within 24 hours, EmailWire will send you EmailWireClip™ -- a clipping report with at least 30 links of sites that have published your release.

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