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Online press release distribution has become one of the main tools for online marketing. Millions of businesses are flocking to use it daily. Hence you should jump in the business of news distribution and make a kill - yes, make "mucho mula!" Start your own press release distribution services with no money down. You can do it full time or part time. The choice is yours, but you must start now.

Here is how: Sign up and create a profile, then create a unique web address for your affiliate site. The process takes 15 minutes or less. It is that simple. Start making money.

The affiliates program comes in two levels: Basic and Premium. The Basic program allows affiliates to sign up and create a profile that gives them a short and unique web address in a sub domain format; for example, . Where “etaa” is the name you choose to create a unique web address. Affiliates can take this address and market press release distribution services through the Internet, business cards, mailing lists, social media networks, brochures or traditional mailing.

The Premium affiliate also allows affiliates to create profiles with short unique web addresses for easy marketing. With these addresses, affiliates with Premium accounts can create the look and feel of EmailWire.Com to match their existing websites, or they can totally create a new look with a sub domain. Affiliates with Premium accounts can also benefit by selling advertisement on the EmailWire cobranded sites. This means they can generate additional revenues through Google Adsense or other advertising sources.

Both affiliates programs, Basic or Premium, pays the same. The amount of money each affiliates makes depends on how well they market their unique created affiliates sites.

Use your creative senses to start making money. Prominently link the co-brand on your website that says “Submit Press Release.” This should be one of your main links on your homepage or on your product/service order page. When online users click on the “Submit Press Release” link, they are taken to your co-branded page to order and submit press releases. All purchases are recorded in your profile. You’ll also see how many sales you’ve made per week, per month or per year.

You receive 10 percent of any sales placed from your co-branded page. Say for example, someone orders the $699 unlimited press release distribution package, you’ll get 69.90. This amount is automatically credited to your account under the co-branded site. You can check how much money you have made by logging to your account at any anytime.

We send payment of total money you have made on a previous month at the end of each month through PayPal. Therefore you must have a PayPal account to participate in this affiliate program.

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Watch your press release go live! Once EmailWire distributes your release, it will be streamed to popular news sites, blogs and social media and search engines. Within 24 hours, EmailWire will send you EmailWireClip™ -- a clipping report with at least 30 links of sites that have published your release.

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